Mobile advertising at G+J e|MS

Keys, wallet and of course mobile telephone. For most of us, the mobile telephone has become a constant companion and therefore the most personal mass medium and advertising medium number 1, through which the user can be reached at all times and in all situations. However, not only the actual use of mobiles is increasing at an explosive rate but mobile advertising is also rapidly gaining in significance in the media mix. Because advertisements on mobile terminal devices generate a new user experience and enable advertisers to communicate interactively and on a personal level with their target groups - at all times and at all locations.

With our broad media portfolio we can offer our advertising clients unique environment combinations for a particularly sustainable mobile target-group dialogue. Apart from the in-house mobile offers marketed by G+J - such as those of Mobil, Mobil and Mobil - G+J also market numerous renowned offers from third-party publishing houses – including VODAFONE LIVE! Mobil, PONS and SPIEGEL ONLINE Mobil.

As a first mover, we have made a critical contribution to developments in the mobile-advertising market and as the first premium marketer positioned ourselves in the market as a full-service partner for mobile solutions. Our premium marketing covers not only the proven standards such as Mobile ContentAds and Interstitials, but also a large number of eye-catching special formats such as PreExpandableAd and Layer Ad through to video formats and interactive rich-media solutions such as the G+J ConnectAd. Depending upon the specific requirements of the advertiser, we can also produce landing pages or even take over complete project management, including ad creation and hosting.

With optimobile, the high-coverage premium-performance network, G+J e|MS Mobile established itself early in the high-growth mobile-performance segment and thereby further expanded its pioneering role in mobile advertising.

We offer you the appropriate mobile form of advertising for any campaign objective and target group – so that you can communicate your brand messages even more efficiently.