• GALA.de mobile reaches an average of 1.02 million unique mobile users per month via the mobile enabled website and apps.
  • 65% of GALA.de mobile users are female.
  • 29% of the target group are aged between 30 and 39 and 87% of users are aged 49 or less.
  • GALA.de mobile users have an above-average level of education: 52% of them have completed an intermediate certificate of education.
  • 69% of users have a net monthly household income of €2,000 or more, and 40% of users have an income of over €3,000 per month.
  • GALA.de mobile users show above-average interest in fashion and cosmetics, travel, and telecommunications products and services.

Source: AGOF mobile facts 2015-I // Universe: average month