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For women aged between 20 and 40

BRIGITTE MOM is for women aged between 20 and 40. Who have a child or are hoping for one. Women with little time and lots of stress. And a drive for perfection. Further characteristics: creative, spontaneous, and open to change.


  • sets the tone. Mothers have to emotionally negotiate between courage, anger and desire.
  • comes quickly to the point, because mothers don't have lots of time.
  • stands for change and for changing perspectives. Mothers are subjected to constant changes, and even the MOM protagonists are always experiencing a transformation.
  • views an apparently chaotic daily life, the seeming missing logic of certain actions, and the evident contradiction between a mother's needs and love, ranquillity and humour.

Print run 165,000 copies (55.000 of that in Pocket size)