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Work hard and live intensively

BUSINESS PUNK is the business and lifestyle magazine for anyone who wants to be influential. For movers and shakers who do their own thing and people who make things happen in their company. For people whose job is more than just a job. BUSINESS PUNK combies the big success stories of a young generation of entrepreneurs with the pop culture of the digital age in order to appeal to young readers who are at home online and are hungry for life experiences and success.

Any German speakers who want to join in the conversation can fi nd out what’s what at shares, posts and likes anything that it fi nds interesting: who is everyone following on Instagram today? Which company founder has shared their success tips on SlideShare? What exactly does Chuck Norris listen to on Spotify on his way to work? Company founders report on the unbearable lightness of appearance, venture capital analysts tweet directly from Business Class and self-made millionaires tell the story of Sunday coffee with their mum.

The BUSINESS PUNK motto „Work hard. Play hard“ sets the tone for the magazine‘s contents. BUSINESS PUNK is about business - but it goes beyond sales fi gures and profi t predictions. It’s about the loud and fast life that rages behind the scenes. About people who have made it to the top. And about those who are on their way there. It‘s about trends, about the tricks of the trade, about fashion styles and must-haves, accessories and body care products. It‘s about technology and cars, but a far cry from the usual superfi cial reviews of rear spoilers or gadget flatteries.


BUSINESS PUNK is the business-lifestyle magazine for the edgy man – but for the confi dent woman as well, for whom women’s magazines are too fabric softened. BUSINESS PUNK is made for digital natives aged 18 to 35 who are employed and enjoy an above-average education. They have a high net monthly household income and belong to the creative elite of an urban, cosmopolitan generation.