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(Source: AGOF digital facts 2017-02 / IVW 2017-04)

CHEFKOCH – Germany’s largest cooking site as a magazine

CHEFKOCH is the magazine from Germany’s kitchens for Germany’s kitchens. In every issue, the most popular and highly-rated recipes from, the biggest cooking site in Europe, are selected, prepared by pros, and photographed. The result is the first cooking magazine that can say of its recipes: that really tastes good! CHEFKOCH readers can trust the recipes, because they’ve already been tried out by thousands of users – with mouth-watering photos and cooking instructions that are guaranteed to work.

An additional plus: for every recipe, the editors not only include their own recommendations, but also search for the best user tips on CHEFKOCH magazine is thus a source of inspiration with an exceptional selection of recipes – compiled according to the wishes of its readers. Namely: quick, trusted, simple recipes that fit the season.