Basic Rate 2017full page 4c: € 33,700

Paid circulation183,561 IVW 2/17

Copyprice€ 3.90



Page Impressions9.48 m

VISITS1.95 m

Unique User1.09 m

Digital Coverage
Unique User (inkl. Mobile) 3.51 m

(Source: IVW 2017-07 / AGOF digital facts 2017-07)



PageImpressions Web:20.02 m

PageImpressions App:0.72 m

Unique Mobile User Web 2.56 m

Unique Mobile User App 10,000

(Source: AGOF digital facts 2017-07 / IVW 2017-07)

ELTERN – An institution among German parent's magazines

  • Germany's most widely-read parent's magazine. ELTERN is the highest coverage title for pregnant women and parents of children aged up to four.
  • What parents need to know. From pregnancy to children aged up to four, ELTERN informs and advises its readers in all aspects of family life.
  • Editorial topics of vital interest to parents. ELTERN covers a wide range of topics, such as conception, sexuality, pregnancy, birth, finance, health and nutrition, job, skin-care and holiday.
  • The magazine for young parents. With issue 2/2015, ELTERN offers a modern visual language, and an improved print and production quality with two different types of paper.
  • Trusted editorial credibility. The ELTERN editorial team knows what it's writing about: they are mothers and fathers themselves with first-hand experience that they are glad to share.
  • Attractive ad combination for reaching young women. The “Familien Paket” ad combination in ELTERN and ELTERN FAMILY is unbeaten in reaching young parents.