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GALA is fascinating

GALA, the premium people and lifestyle magazine, reports on celebrities from all over the world every Thursday. It enriches readers with exclusive photographs and brilliant photo galleries, opening the door to a glamorous and fascinating world for them.

GALA is inspiring

GALA is a class of its own - a claim the premium people and lifestyle magazine lives up to in each edition. Every week, GALA presents all the important news and trends from the world of fashion, beauty and lifestyle on over 20 lush pages.

GALA comes close

GALA brings modern women close up to the stars. Well researched background information gives insight to the stories behind the news items, empathetic interviews show unknown and intriguing aspects of wellknown celebrities‘ personalities.

GALA stands for a cosmos of brands!

The attractiveness and strength of the brand GALA is unlimited and is refl ected in the steady expansion of the brand cosmos - there were never so many GALA products. In addition to the line extension GALA MEN brand family has been extended by several special issues: GALA SPECIAL Udo Jürgens, GALA SPECIAL Königskinder (royal kids), GALA SPECIAL Beach, GALA SPECIAL X-Mas and from 2016 GALA Style under the brand of GALA SPECIAL. By GALA Events - GALA SPA AWARDS, GALA FASHION BRUNCH, GALA Shopping Night, GALA MEN BUDDY WEEKEND - the GALA brand is staged and luxurious experience!

Readers who like their daily dose of red carpet news and the latest lifestyle trends can‘t get past the high-coverage website, GALA‘s mobile website or the apps.