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As a site for those who wish to discover and explore the world, reports on travel destinations, peoples and cultures, as well as on nature and sustainability. A multiplicity of content formats inspire and activate users: highly focussed Topical Specials, fascinating photo galleries, authentic coverage and expedition reports from GEO reporters, valuable travel tips, exemplary features and ideas from the field of "Green Living".

Users can themselves contribute to site content, for example in the context of photography competitions or by contributing to the travel community, where users can publish photos, individual tips and personal travel reports. is GEO's internet world of adventure for children, with coverage of science, tips on how to make things, experiments and notice boards. mainly reaches out to children in the age group 8-14 years. GEO-reading children come from high-income households (Source: AGOF internet facts - Basis: Average Month February - April 2012).

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