Digital Advertising at G+J e|MS

As a marketer of digital media – of both G+J brands and external sites – G+J e|MS specializes in online and mobile advertising. Our four G+J e|MS locations in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich guarantee that you will have close proximity to clients and offer customized advertising forms and individual concepts that ensure the greatest possible efficiency in the use of your budget.

With the online offshoots of G+J brands such as STERN, BRIGITTE, ESSEN&TRINKEN, GALA and GEO and the websites of external clients that include, as well as mobile brands like VODAFONE or SPIEGEL Mobil, we offer one of the highest quality media portfolios in Germany.

One of the oldest marketers of digital media in the field of online advertising in Germany, G+J e|MS has played a leading role from the very beginning not only in niche marketing, but also in research on advertising effects in the various media channels. In addition to regularly published studies on online, mobile and cross-media advertising, G+J e|MS also offers its advertising customers possibilities for parallel monitoring of their advertising.

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