G+J e|MS targeting creates win-win situations for advertisers and internet users.

Users receive THE advertising that is relevant to them and offers them a noticeable added value. Advertisers thus increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns.

When it comes to implementation, G+J e|MS guarantees its customers maximum individuality through diverse targeting products of the highest excellence. The precise determination of the target group in advance of each campaign is essential for success. With our many years of expertise as a quality marketer, the best in-house technologies and cooperation with leading data service providers, we are always happy to provide you with advice.

Opportunities of targeting:

  • Increase of effective reach through precise target group match
  • Minimization of distribution loss and increase in return on investment
  • Increasing branding effects and advertising relevance through e.g. effective storytelling

Our G+J e|MS service:

  • Individual concept creation
  • Combinations of real user profiles and “statistical twins“
  • High currency of data due to continuous segmentation of users
  • Continuous campaign optimization
  • GDPR conformity