Data Technology

From platform to product - highest quality as top priority.

Flexibility, data security and quality are our top priorities when compiling our state-of-the-art data system landscape. We guarantee this through a selected combination of tested products and technically superior in-house developments. A data management platform forms the central data processing instance and creates the basis for all connected data products. The use of one central platform with various connection possibilities offers fast, effective, timely and intelligent solutions for our publishers and customers.

In addition to classic targeting products, we have created an additional data usage option in the G+J e|MS portfolio. There are standardized interfaces to all common ad servers, demand-side platforms (DSPs) and sell-side platforms (SSPs) to ensure efficient data distribution.

In addition to targeting and reporting products, our data driven approach is also reflected in our in-house developed control instances. The G+J e|MS data is not only used for advertising purposes, but also for a fraudless and clean advertising feed. Each delivered ad impression is automatically checked several times in order to detect dangers early on and to continuously optimize the technical set-up. In addition, a permanent technical control by our experts takes place, which leads to a continuous refinement of our quality requirements.