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Sources: IVW 2022-02 / agof daily digital facts 2021-11 is the official website of the German Alpine Club (DAV), which with over 1.07 mill. members is the world’s largest mountaineering association.

The website is the most comprehensive mountaineering site in the German-speaking world, offering mountaineers and nature-lovers useful services free of charge that they use to help them prepare their next mountain adventure: Alpine weather and avalanche reports, and portraits of over 1,000 Alpine chalets, 200 climbing sites and the 354 DAV sections.

In addition, ALPENVEREIN digital inspires and motivates users with expedition reports, event information, travel and tour tips, mountaineering news and reports on current DAV conservation projects.

DAV PANORAMA readers in particular use the Internet as a source of information several times per day and place great value on the DAV website, as demonstrated by the constantly increasing number of page hits.

The website shines in a new design and is of course mobile available always and everywhere.