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Sources: IVW 2021-08 / agof daily digital facts 2021-03

ARCOR is the pioneer on the German-speaking Internet and counts today to the most popular e-mail platforms.

ARCOR is digitally your personal Internet main entrance. About Free mail, photo service and news to politics, sport, entertainment, digital topics and other subjects of the everyday life. ARCOR offers one of the most varied platforms for the whole range of the digital communication: from e-mail through Instant Messaging up to the mobile Internet. The users of ARCOR who come from the most different target group segments are valid as especially fond of consumption. They are objective-oriented and news-oriented and they use the internet also as a productiveness tool in the form of Online-Banking, test results and the weather.

Use the success of e-mail for the success of your digital campaigns! With more than 95% the most popular use on the Internet – on all screens.