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BRIGITTE MOM DIGITAL with BRIGITTE. de: The magazine with strong nerves also offers a digital home. Today the net is the place at which modern mothers get round-the-clock what they need in their chaotic everyday life: Advice, suggestion, consolation and exchange. Above all, the feeling they don't need to be perfect and they are allowed to laugh sometimes warmly about life with the child!

All this offers BRIGITTE MOM in the digital "FAMILY" world BRIGITTE. de as well as with strong MOM-PRESENCE on Facebook. Besides there is our monthly newsletters. Whether now at home on the couch or by Smartphone from the playground: Mothers love BRIGITTE MOM-THEMES because they move like the real life in the exciting feeling triangle between courage, fury and completely great love. Scored by the editors who exactly know, how it feels if the child is still wide awake after 3 hours „La Le Lu“ singing – and just, therefore, hit with the right tone the readers.