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Sources: IVW 2021-03 / agof daily digital facts 2021-03

BRIGITTE digital belongs to the life of every young woman in Germany and successfully build a bridge between the best entertainment, viral trends, high-class service and information. BRIGITTE digital creates nearness and reports self-confidently from the middle of the life: authentically and courageously, wisely and humorously. Our users expect a communication on eye level. And they also get them.

BRIGITTE digital is there where contents are consumed by young women: online, mobile, on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest and Snapchat. BRIGITTE digital reach on every channel the users and achieves the highest engagement in the competitive comparison. This does not come by chance: Our editors belong to the middle of the target group. They think and feel like our users, they show their faces in interactive formats, communicate, have fun – and users became real fans!

BRIGITTE digital has exactly the right subjects for every situation: Current fashion trends, practical beauty tips, tasty recipes, fitness subjects and travel subjects just belong to the world of BRIGITTE digital as well as serious and lasting subjects which make the users wiser.

In the area of family the user expects the best from popular BRIGITTE MOM-cosmos.