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4.87 m
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188.77 m
17.56 m
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1.36 m
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89.17 m
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Unique Mobile User Web
3.67 m
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91.96 m
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12.07 m
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0.03 m
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0.05 m
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ELTERN digital is Germany's largest family portal and offers young families qualified advice in every phase of their lives - from the first tender thoughts about having a child to questions about teenagers.
Thanks to its many years of experience, ELTERN knows its users' needs and, as a unique family platform, addresses topics that move families. The members and experts of the ELTERN community are also happy to help with questions about the desire to have children, pregnancy, babies, parenting or family life. When a baby changes your whole life, many decisions have to be made. The digital offering of ELTERN provides an overview and decision-making support - a suitable environment for all your products.

GEOLINO is included in digital coverage figures for ELTERN.