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GEO‘s world has as its motto „Seeing the world from a different perspevtice“ and is the only digital travel title and knowledge title which recognises quick travel trends, high-quality scenery admissions and tips with the lasting lifestyle with steadily growing reach.

Iceland or Italy, Tasmania or Peru - we have developed our offer to destinations worldwide. No matter whether you plan a trip, is on the move already or at all do not know where it should go: With us you make a find! In our travel tips investigated on site, wanderlust-releasing picture distances and inspiring travel videos.

Organic food, fair clothes or green energy – deliberate consuming and action occupies our readers just as the editorial staff. Under the new column lastingness we introduce ideas and tricks suited for everyday life with which you can form your life fairly and in an environmentally friendly way. GEO has set up other successful formats digitally, too. Unmistakeable reports and Expiditionen – every day anew. Always, round-the-clock and on all digital canals.