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Sources: IVW 2020-08 / agof daily digital facts 2020-10 / agof daily digital facts 2020-09 is a social lifestyle online magazine for young and modern women. It offers all-round information on beauty- and fashion trends as well as the latest stylings and news of celebrities. is interactive and invites the user with offers like the beauty-styler or different psychologic quizzes to stay on the site dealing with our topics.

The responsive design of optimizes the site on every device, from desktop or tablet to smartphone. scores with a relevant coverage in news and information for fashion & beauty and offers competence and advice in topics like haircut, sex & relationship and DIY. provides a big social and viral potential with Word of Mouth campaigns, native advertising, jolielook or #jolieloves. Individual concepts in advertising aim to generate a high interactivity with thee user. makes major use of social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.