Digital Coverage

Unique User
3.04 m
Page Impressions
13.04 m
8.10 m

Desktop Coverage

Unique User
0.99 m
Page Impressions
5.55 m
3.16 m

Mobile Coverage

Unique Mobile User Web
2.05 m
PageImpressions Web
6.77 m
Visits Web
5.10 m
Unique Mobile User App
0.07 m
PageImpressions Apps
1.59 m
Visits Apps
0.48 m

Sources: IVW 2020-11 / agof daily digital facts 2020-12 / IVW 2020-12


  • mobile – well informed about politics, economics and world news.
  •’s mobile portal turns your mobile phone into an information centre.
  • All users can find information about relevant topics quickly and easily, for example business, finance, economic policy & lifestyle.
  • users are very mobile and travel a lot – the ideal target group for your mobile advertising.