Programmatic Advertising

For G+J e|MS Programmatic Advertising is a completely equal form of technical processing, with equal access to all of our premium inventory and sizes, with the same pricing and conditions like directly booked campaigns.

We offer all popular kinds of deals like the open auction, the private auction or preferred deals and programmatic deals - online and mobile. Following this you can get an overview of our brands and thematic rotations: online and mobile. We offer our inventory through different marketplaces (=SSPs): Google AdExchange (xDigital), Yieldlab (Online only) and Pubmatic (Mobile only).

We transact almost every online sizes and mobile sizes including special sizes and large sizes programmatically.

Profit additionally from our numerous targeting options to adjust your campaign more efficiently. Furthermore we facilitate a flexible usage of data (1st party and 3rd party) and the creation of individual target groups – Both for programmatic advertising and directly booked campaigns. For a specific proposal feel free to contact us.