Programmatic Advertising

As an international quality and reach marketer, G+J e|MS gives the chance to purchase media inventory and G+J services in an automated and customized way. Our team of Programmatic experts offers many years of digital experience and is in consistent communication with notable market players. That makes us to market leaders in the field of Programmatic Advertising.


  • Efficiency:
    Delivering your campaign on the basis of user data. Programmatic Advertising ensures that you address your target group at the right moment. This specific target group approach reduces wastage and forms the basis for programmatic campaign control.
  • Simplicity:
    The deal set up provided by our Programmatic experts can be used at any time - manual bookings are no longer necessary.
  • Flexibility:
    The control over the campaign lies entirely with the customer. You can make adjustments to the campaign, such as optimizations, directly yourself.

Custom products for every requirement:

All relevant information about Programmatic Advertising in our portfolio can also be found here: Programmatic advertising.


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