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Multiple Content Sponsoring


The Content sponsoring is an exclusive sponsoring of an individually created editorial topic.


3-4 brands
3x editorial content per brand
min. 3x native teaser bundle per brand
editorial promotion (type and scope are the responsibility of the editorial department)
3-4x fixed advertising media
3-4x presentership with client logo
3-4x navigation placement

Full service

Multiple Content Sponsoring is not tied to Full Service. Regardless of this, there are always fixed special charges for the landing page iframe creation.


The delivery takes place as open files, for the text as Word document, for photos as jpg in RGB color scheme for graphics as png or gif (max file size 200 kB)

Sitespecific formats
Ad marking

The navigation placement, the contents and the native teasers are marked as Presentership with "presented by...".


All native teasers link to the editorial content. The type and scope of the editorial promotion is the responsibility of the editorial department. The navigation placement links to the index page.

Native client content TEXT


Native client content IMAGE


Navigation placement

formulate theme/titel as short and as accurate as possible, as word-document with clear naming


for desktop:
your logo on transparent background as png, eps, gif file, max. 2000 kB

for mobile:
your customer/brand name: max. 20 characters - according to your CI conventions (e.g. uppercase, bold, italic, etc.), as a Word file with a clear name

Sponsoring area

fixed advertising media:
according to mediaplan incl. desired target URL, specifications on our website under:

Native teaser bundle TEXT

TEXT as word-document with clear naming – per motive

Details for overline, headline and teaser text (maximum number of characters including spaces):

Native teaser bundle IMAGE

Photos as jpg in RGB color scheme, graphics as png or gif (max file size 200 kB)

Recommendation for the native teaser bundle

Various teaser motives and texts are required for optimal campaign performance. We therefore recommend the supply of as many different text modules and motives as possible.

The images must animate to click. Use images that express emotions, depict people. No product or brand image.

G+J | eMS reserves the right to optimize the text modules and motives by combining them as desired. In addition, our service includes the creation and use of new teaser texts and images at no extra charge.

Lead time

If full service has been booked, there will be a kick-off call with G+J e|MS Creative Solutions after booking to discuss all details.

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