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Desktop Floor Ad


Permanently positioned at the bottom of the browser across the entire width of the page, the floor ad captivates with its eye-catching placement. When the site is first called up, it can be seen in its unfolded format. After 10 seconds or on user action, the ad minimizes to a narrow bar, and can be unfolded again by user action. The design options range from semi-transparent and cropped image elements to video integrations and animations that can be superimposed on the content.


200 kB initially, max. 4 MB in second load (polite load)
More information about the various load stages can be found in our HTML5 Guidelines.

Media delivery format


Redirect/Tracking requirements


All URL-based components of an advertising medium (e.g. redirect, pixel tracker) must contain the IAB macro gdpr_consent=${GDPR_CONSENT_XXX} to process the TC string, where XXX is the numerical vendor ID according to the global vendor list of the IAB.

Pixeltracker without IAB macro of a vendor with ID 123:
This Pixeltracker incl. IAB macro:${GDPR_CONSENT_123}

More Information: here

Standard format

Folded out: 400 px high
Reminder: 120 px high
Scalable width, which adjusts automatically to the browser resolution of the user. Areas which are not occupied by the content must be coloured in.


The standard is 1 motif per booked placement. In the case of a motif split, a limit of max. 3 motifs per placement is to be taken into account, and 1 motif change per week in the case of physical delivery.
Ad Alliance reserves the right to approve each motif on a case-by-case basis. Ads that elicit too strong a reaction or too heavily impair the use of the websites may be rejected.
As of 5 items per campaign, a maximum of 1 motif/day/redirect per item is possible. That is why we recommend delivering several motifs behind one redirect.

Lead time

5 working days

Media delivery


Anke Panke
Tel.: +49 40 2866 86 43 17

Reinhold Beny
Tel.: +49 40 2866 86 43 16


The maximum length of the animation must not exceed 10 seconds. After the animation is finished, the layer must be closed automatically.

The Close button must be clearly recognizable for both expanding and non-expanding floor ads, on a non-transparent background and positioned in the immediate vicinity of the layer at the top right.

HTML5 Guidelines
HTML5 Guidelines
Tracking Guidelines
Tracking Guidelines
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