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Desktop Understitial


The understitial lets the user look through a gap in the content which reveals a large-scale customer visualisation. It is a relatively discreet AdSpecial, which can easily be realized and delivered by simple material requirements. Due to a parallax effect and a sense of optical depth, it still has an attention-grabbing AdSpecial character.


Initial Load: 200 kB
Host Initiated Subload: 300 kB
More information about the various load stages can be found in our HTML5 Guidelines.

Media delivery format

HTML5, GIF/JPG, JavaScript-Redirect

preferably JavaScript-Redirect, physical HTML5 with fully responsive ads, alternatively JPG/GIF

Please make sure that all ad material you provide is SSL-encrypted. Non-SSL-compliant advertisements are automatically disabled.


All URL-based components of an advertising medium (e.g. redirect, pixel tracker) must contain the IAB macro gdpr_consent=${GDPR_CONSENT_XXX} to process the TC string, where XXX is the numerical vendor ID according to the global vendor list of the IAB.

Pixeltracker without IAB macro of a vendor with ID 123:
This Pixeltracker incl. IAB macro:${GDPR_CONSENT_123}

More Information: here

Standard format


JPG/GIF: portrait 1000 x 2038 pixel and landscape 1000 x 1000 pixel

Lead time

3 working days

Media delivery


Anke Panke
Tel.: +49 40 2866 86 43 17

Reinhold Beny
Tel.: +49 40 2866 86 43 16


If you work with JavaScript Redirects from Flashtalking, Sizmek or Adform, you must use a special template which is certified with us for this ad. If uncertain, please ask your 3rd party provider.


Close Button

No close button required

"Advertisement" label

"Advertisement" label is automatically set by the G+J e|MS template.

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