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Mobile Interscroller Ad


The Mobile Interscroller Ad lets the user look through a gap in the content which reveals a large-scale customer visualisation. Due to a parallax effect and a sense of optical depth, it has an attention-grabbing AdSpecial character.
In contrast to the mobile understitial, the Interscroller Ad can be seen on the entire screen height.


Initial Load: 200 kB
Host Initiated Subload: 300 kB
More information about the various load stages can be found in our HTML5 Guidelines.

Media delivery format

JavaScript-Redirect or physical HTML5 with fully responsive ads, VAST 9:16 MP4 9:16

For non-responsive ads please deliver a portrait and a landscape format.

Please make sure that all ad material you provide is SSL-encrypted. Non-SSL-compliant advertisements are automatically disabled.


All URL-based components of an advertising medium (e.g. redirect, pixel tracker) must contain the IAB macro gdpr_consent=${GDPR_CONSENT_XXX} to process the TC string, where XXX is the numerical vendor ID according to the global vendor list of the IAB.

Pixeltracker without IAB macro of a vendor with ID 123:
This Pixeltracker incl. IAB macro:${GDPR_CONSENT_123}

More Information: here

Standard format


non-responsive: portrait 640 x 960 pixel (retina) or 320 x 480 pixel, landscape 960 x 640 pixel (retina) or 480 x 320 pixel.
For redirects, the retina format output must always be 320 x 480 pixels for portrait and 480 x 320 pixels for landscape.

VAST 9:16, MP4 9:16

Lead time

3 working days

Media delivery


Sebastian Krone
Tel.: +49 40 2866 864319

Close Button

The ad does not need a close

"Advertisement" label

"Advertisement" label is automatically set by the G+J e|MS template.

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