Publication frequency:
4 issues a year
Basic rate 2020:
full page 4c: € 16,200
Paid circulation:
30,000 Publisher's Information
Cover Price:

It‘s time for a contemporary gastronomic magazine. A magazine, which is the new gastronomic trend-setting medium for the German-speaking world. Restaurants are the cathedrals and chefs the new superstars. The international gastronomy experienced a revolution, which wasn’t represented in any other magazine, since now. Knowing a good restaurant, makes a big difference today. The current topics like food waste and super food affect people nowadays essentially. This is why we launch BEAT – for food lovers and taste enthusiasts, regular guests and premium tourists.

… tells the stories about the gastronomy and about the personalities behind the menus: the chefs.
… is THE magazine for food lovers, like Cicero is for current affairs and 11Freunde is for soccer.
… convinces with exciting restaurant reviews, portraits of chefs and culinary travelling.
… dictates the rhythm of gastronomy and cities and passes it to the reader.