Publication frequency:
6 issues a year
Basic rate 2021:
full page 4c: € 15,000
Print circulation:
100,000 Publisher's Information
Cover Price:

BRIGITTE WIR is a high-quality magazine for women over 60 and wants to value this age group, which is constantly growing but tends to be marginalised in the social environment. BRIGITTE WIR wants to bring this generation out of invisibility. It reflects the curiosity, openness and joie de vivre of these strong women as well as their experiences of loss.

Being over 60 means gaining sovereignty and thus independence from the opinions of others. BRIGITTE WIR cracks taboos, does not shy away from intimacy, but also contains classic health, psychology and cultural topics. Of course, fashion, beauty and travel also play a big role in BRIGITTE WIR. Because our readers are style-conscious and cosmopolitan. In addition to the extremely attractive readership, BRIGITTE WIR is characterised by an award-winning layout and a sensual feel.