Publication frequency:
6 issues a year
Basic rate 2021:
full page 4c: € 15,000
Print circulation:
100,000 Publisher's Information
Cover Price:

BRIGITTE WIR is a magazine for worldly-wise, open-minded women aged 60+ with a unique concept.

Recognising the value of an age group that is constantly growing but tends to be marginalised within society.

We want to rescue this generation from their state of invisibility. Reflecting older women’s curiosity, open-mindedness and zest for life as well as their experiences of loss (of beauty, of health, of loved ones, of capabilities).

Being over 60 means greater self-assurance and no longer depending on the opinions of other people. Accordingly, the magazine will break taboos and not shy away from intimate issues, but it will still also cover classic health, psychology and cultural topics.