Publication frequency:
26 issues a year
Basic rate 2020:
full page 4c: € 56,700
Paid circulation:
295,569 IVW 3/20
Cover Price:

BRIGITTE has been Germany’s leading women’s magazine for over 60 years. Magazines come and magazines go. But BRIGITTE stays. Over 2.5 million women read BRIGITTE – a higher coverage than any competitor, across all age groups. The success is easy to explain: our readers have a very close relationship with BRIGITTE. The magazine is honest with its readers, it stirs their emotions, it helps them in their lives. In this way, BRIGITTE accomplishes the most important challenge for any media brand: it creates trust. And this trust is transferred to brands which advertise in the magazine.

With the biggest editorial team of any women’s magazine in Germany, BRIGITTE guarantees outstanding entertainment, reliable information and valuable benefi ts for readers. It’s an ambitious standard, which is now upheld across a highly varied brand cosmos.

BRIGITTE offers its media clients reliable planning, unique and high-quality environments, a strong and rapid boost to brand awareness, strong activation potential and high coverage of women across different generations. On all channels.