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CAPITAL has been shaping the face of German business journalism for almost 60 years. The brand has long been a byword for trustworthiness, robust research, outstanding journalism and leading expertise in the fields of finance, investment and asset building. 

CAPITAL tells business stories from new perspectives, reports on companies large and small undergoing fundamental transformations, explains shifts and upheavals in the global economy and spots new trends early on, from artificial intelligence to green investment. And it does so not just in its monthly magazine but on all the digital and mobile channels that today’s decision-makers demand, including newsletter, e-paper and podcast formats. With big reports and in-depth analysis, a sumptuous visual aesthetic and award-winning photography, CAPITAL is now Germany’s most-read business magazine. (AWA 2020)

The magazine is divided into three sections: World of Business, Invest and Life – corresponding to the CAPITAL holy trinity of earning, investing and spending money.

World of Business

The heart of the magazine covers major business topics, explaining their relevance to society and getting up close and personal to the people at the centre of the action. The stories and in-depth reports are thoroughly researched, shed light on complex issues and offer ideas for successful business strategies. Four SME specials a year showcase the dynamism of Germany’s SME sector. Like in previous years, in 2020 CAPITAL is honouring high-performing companies with awards such as Best Digital Labs in Germany.


The Invest section is the central part of the magazine, with the slogan “Investing money” and strong service content. The focus is on the mega-topic of wealth accumulation – against the background of demographic change and the ongoing low and zero interest rate policy. Each month concentrates on a different theme, such as property, funds, insurance or taxes. Coverage of CAPITAL events such as the Asset Appreciation Summit forms an integral part of this section.


The smart section of the magazine is all about spending money on the finer things in life. Readers will find inspirations for fashion, watches, travel, fine dining, art, design and technical gadgets. Each issue has a sumptuous multipage photo spread on a different special topic, including fashion specials in spring and autumn and the annual CAPITAL Watch Award.