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full page 4c: € 22,500
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79,886 IVW 3/20
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COUCH is the young home and fashion magazine in pocket format and fills the gap between classic home design magazines and young lifestyle titles. COUCH is made for young women aged 20 – 39 who are interested in modern living . Friends, partnership, family and social networks are very important to them; they are exceptionally interested in fashion and beauty.

COUCH is tailored to meet the needs of the trendy, mobile generation of young women. Women who don‘t only want a stylish and individual home decorating style, but who also want to be attractive. For this reason, classic living topics such as home design trends, decorating and shopping tips are combined with topical and high-class beauty, fashion and lifestyle contents.

Of course there are also such subjects as new blogs, exciting travel destinations and hotels, as well as food and technology topics. COUCH is different – and that especially appeals to our readers!