Publication frequency:
6 issues a year
Basic rate 2020:
full page 4c: € 22,600
Paid circulation:
679,016 IVW 3/20

From hikers to mountaineers and rock climbers, from mountain bikers to winter sports enthusiasts, DAV PANORAMA – the magazine of the German Alpine Association (Deutsche Alpenverein) – provides its active and nature-loving members with a broad spectrum of exciting reportage and helpful service topics every two months, presenting the whole range of mountain sports and alpinism.

The German Alpine Association (DAV) boasts 1.23 million members and is therefore one of the largest sports associations in the German Olympic Sports Federation, and is the largest mountain sports association in the world. In addition, DAV is an advocate for ensuring that mountain sports are compatible with nature – a priority which has also made it one of the largest nature conservation societies in Germany. With a sold circulation of 670,377 copies (IVW II/2020), DAV PANORAMA is Germany’s biggest outdoor magazine, and reaches 740,000 readers per issue (AWA 2019).

PANORAMA readers like to spend their recreation time actively in the mountains – whether on extreme via ferratas or touring homely alpine huts. DAV PANORAMA enables advertising clients to reach a target group which thinks and acts environmentally, and combines its passion for mountain sports with its love of nature. These values, combined with high socio-economic status and incomes, make PANORAMA readers extremely quality-conscious and environmentally-aware consumers.