Publication frequency:
6 issues a year
Basic rate 2022:
full page 4c: € 59,500
Print circulation:
1,900,000 Publisher's Information

The DOUGLAS Customer Magazine- luxury, consumption and an enormous circulation, all in one.

For the first time, the popular costumer magazine of the perfume giant DOUGLAS is granting exclusive access to high-end non-beauty customers. 

1,9 million DOUGLAS Beauty Card Premium Members receive the costumer magazine delivered directly to their mailboxes six times a year. In addition, the issues are available in DOUGLAS stores troughout the year- thus reaching additional contact points.

The DOUGLAS costumer magazine...

  • a true circulation star. With a circulation of 1.9 million copies, the magazine is the biggest women's title in the portfolio and offers the best value TAP!
  • ...has the highest rate of loyal readers. Personalized delivery directly to the home means low scattering loss, chances of high household readership plus a close readership loyality!
  • ... offers the highest attention. The limited non-beauty ad spaces lead to a higher attention in the magazine!
  • ... has true luxury-lovers as readers. DOUGLAS readers are mainly women, great print lovers, love luxury items and are extremely consumptive!