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Its title message is: Life with children is both beautiful and challenging - but there is an answer to any question! No other family magazine communicates as consistent a message as FAMILIE&CO. Parents can draw from a huge wealth of information and service, supported by the professional knowledge of recognized experts.

Core topics include upbringing and development, preschool and school, health and nutrition, and family life and leisure time, as well as the pedagogically challenging emphasis of the “Mittelpunkt” (main focus), which makes up 24 additional pages in the middle of the magazine. Creative and consumer tips round out the ambitious support package.

The clear, modern, varied look makes it possible for all contents to be found and understood quickly and easily.

EXCLUSIVE IN SUBSCRIPTION: Every month, a highquality, ageappropriate children’s magazine with pedagogically valuable ideas for playing and crafts.

IN EVERY ISSUE: Exciting stickers for the current movie and series highlights.