Publication frequency:
8 issues a year
Basic rate 2021:
full page 4c: € 17,000
Paid circulation:
77,120 IVW 3/21
Cover Price:

FLOW is the first me-time magazine, that provides inspiration, insights and positive food for thought. It also stands for mindful living with a focus on the here and now.

FLOW is characterised by its lovingly designed looks, many illustrations, and the unique way it talks to the readers. It also stands out because of its attractive paper features: sophisticated configuration and paper extras make the magazine unique.

FLOW has been successful on the Dutch market since its launch in 2008. The international English issue was launched in 2012.

With a huge success, the first German issue of FLOW was launched in November 2013. As the success story continues it will be published eight times per year in 2015.

Authentic, made with love, a magazine with lots of extras - FLOW is all that and more.