Publication frequency:
6 issues a year
Basic rate 2020:
full page 4c: € 18,200
Paid circulation:
34,558 IVW Ø 3/2019-2/2020
Cover Price:

GEO SPECIAL is the GEO Group’s single-topic travel magazine that presents a contemporary portrait of a country, region or city in lavish style. A magazine that doesn’t just describe, but also conveys the passion and adventure of travel and the joy of immersing oneself in a new world. A magazine that describes backgrounds and contexts while also actively supporting travellers and helping them to prepare for their trip with superbly researched service and recommendations.

For over 38 years, GEO SPECIAL has been able to depend on a large number of readers who have exacting standards when it comes to travel. Above all: they want to understand the things they encounter when they get to their destination. The readers share a love of travel and a unique curiosity: about a country, a region, a city. GEO SPECIAL transforms this curiosity into knowledge and makes its readers into experts about foreign places.

GEO SPECIAL. Discover more. Experience more. Travel better.