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4 issues a year
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full page 4c: € 16,200
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50,000 Publisher's Information
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"Old values, new ideas" - this is what SALON stands for: traditions meet modernity and fresh design and thus joined, create a special attitude to life. Accordingly SALON addresses women aged 35plus, who want to bring contemporary luxury and lifestyle in line with their traditional value system, whilst having a high willingness to spend. Women who like to cook and make a point in being a good hostess.

SALON portrays interesting people and lets them recount how they issue invitations, where they shop and where they prefer to travel. Thus hoteliers of famous grand hotels introduce their philosophy of hospitality in the magazine. SALON presents menu suggestions and seasonal dinner recipes for special occasions - regardless of whether the dinner company consists of four, twelve or twenty people. The magazine gives advice even for advanced hosts regarding issues like inviting, shopping, cooking and table decoration. In addition, trends from the food, interior, design, culture and travel fields are examined.