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SCHÖNER WOHNEN is a synonym for living with style: with a feeling for life, relevant and style-defi ning – a guideline for an entire fi eld. Every month, with its own distinctive journalistic and aesthetic quality, SCHÖNER WOHNEN shows the very best from the world of interior design. The magazine fi lls its readers with enthusiasm for furnishings, design, architecture, the art of living, gardens and travel, and inspires people to actually live the way they have always dreamed. And again and again, with their immense expertise and credibility, the editors open the doors to good taste.

SCHÖNER WOHNEN offers a unique combination of topics, introduces personalities with style, and provides practical ways of actually bringing the current trends into one’s own home. SCHÖNER WOHNEN is also a leader in the Internet. is the market leader in the living segment, because it inspires users with so many products, furnishing tips, and daily news items and shows how easily you can realise your own interior design ideas.

SCHÖNER WOHNEN makes you happy!