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full page 4c: € 68,000
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390,044 IVW 3/20
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STERN combines the typically generous visual appeal with a fresh look and an up-to-date structure. The attitude: empathetic, critical, confident. STERN reports on the day‘s key news. We are flooded with information every day. Ever more facts and figures are not necessarily needed to stay on top of things. STERN helps readers to keep an overview and decide, offering context rather than just ‚plain‘ content.


STERN keeps us moving! STERN uncovers the human aspect behind news items. A personal story or the expression on a face tell us more about the meaning of an event than the plain figures. Stories in STERN are specific and emotional.


STERN presents big pictures in big formats. Its cover pages, reports and photography regularly win national and international awards. Its opulence and strong visual appeal make STERN unique.


STERN is a symbol of commitment to society. Many magazines feel committed to critical reporting and investigative journalism. But none of them take the initiative as regularly or take a firm stance as STERN does, for instance with its „Jugend forscht“ or „StartUp“ initiatives.