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Sources: IVW 2023-03 / agof daily digital facts 2022-10 / Adserver 2023-02

As Europe's largest food platform, the digital offering of Chefkoch inspires with more than 350,000 recipes up to 22 million users every month.

The recipes are unique, they tell stories and traditions. They are posted by users for users, tested millions of times and rated and commented by other users. In this way, Chefkoch provides everyone who is interested in cooking and baking with the right recipe for shared happiness.

Chefkoch's recipe offering is complemented by comprehensive curated content - on the platform itself and also on the various social media channels.

With its enormous reach and targeted approach across all channels, Chefkoch digital offers a perfect stage. The broad target group, from cooking beginners to ambitious hobby chefs, is optimally targeted with image and product campaigns as well as native integrations.