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CHEFKOCH digital is the top address for those interested in cooking in the German-speaking World Wide Web, as more than 350,000 recipes, 70 forums and hundreds of thousands of useful comments reveal. In this very active community, over 2.2 million registered users exchange ideas and discuss their favourite hobby, evaluating, commenting and sharing recipes. With such a huge variety of recipes, there is bound to be something for everyone: from beginners to the ambitious amateur cooks and chefs.

CHEFKOCH digital also offers a very diverse online magazine. There is plenty of information in it, ranging from healthy nutrition through international cuisines to extensive specials, suitable for the respective season. Alongside the online magazine, entertaining cooking and baking videos, informative newsletters, practical apps and social media channels on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter await the users.

Its extensive range of recipes that have been tested a thousands times over and high level of recognition make CHEFKOCH digital Germany's first point of call in the internet when it comes to cooking, baking and enjoying good food.

In addition to the far-reaching mobile portal, the portfolio of CHEFKOCH digital also includes iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps.